Pet stores often sell rabbits as good starter pets for young children. This is...



Young children may not understand that rabbits are not like dogs and cats.

Rabbits are prey animals and sudden or rapid movements can frighten them.

Most rabbits don't like being picked up and may bite or kick if lifted up and held.

Rabbit bones are fragile and can break if the rabbit is dropped.


However, a rabbit can be a good addition to families with young children if at least one adult is committed to always supervising the child with the rabbit.

Child with Rabbit
Child petting rabbit
Child with Rabbit

An adult can teach the child to interact safely with the rabbit by laying on the floor with her and letting the rabbit approach.

Baby and Rabbit
Rabbit On Boy
Rabbit and Child in Box

Young children can be taught to respect and enjoy the rabbit's quiet, sensitive and curious personality.

Boy and Rabbit
Girl Petting Rabbit
Young Girl and Rabbit