After months of planning, research, design and implementation, the upgrade to our Make Mine Chocolate! website is live. This website reflects the most basic characteristic of the campaign: the amazing work that has been done by our partners throughout the world. You will find on this site dozens of photographs submitted by our partners. The creativity is overwhelming, as is the commitment we all share to ensuring that all rabbits find homes where they will receive humane and loving care.

Although the site is now live, this is just the start. The site was created to support two goals. First, we want to provide an inviting site where visitors can learn about the unique characteristics of rabbits and the care they require. Through education, we hope to discourage impulse purchases and the relinquishments to shelters that often follow.

Our second goal is to provide an accessible place where Make Mine Chocolate! partners can come for inspiration. Our hope is that you will share with us your Make Mine Chocolate! activities. Tell us what you're doing to support the campaign and send us photographs. We are planning to provide galleries on the site documenting the clever ideas our partners have. Seeing what other people are doing can be very inspiring, and perhaps give you that spark of creativity to complete your own project.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who has supported us since our campaign began in 2002. We remain overwhelmed by all of the work and talent we have seen through the years.

Columbus House Rabbit Society volunteers