Do something really, really big!

Make a video.

Videos have become a very popular medium for educating interested viewers. Use your cell phone to record your message and make your rabbit a Make Mine Chocolate! spokesbunny. Check out our video library for ideas.

Make Mine Chocolate! video
TV interview

Participate in a radio or television interview.

The Make Mine Chocolate! campaign is a perfect fit for lifestyle segments hosted by local radio and television outlets. A television interview is perfect for demonstrating the housing requirements of a rabbit.

Put up a billboard advertisement. is a rabbit education site. Gorgeous graphic design combined with a very large billboard makes a compelling message.

TV commercial

Make a television or radio commercial.

Thanks to the Las Vegas House Rabbit Society and Rich Little, we were able to make a television commercial. It appeared on several television networks as well as a local movie theater.

Place an advertisement on a bus.

Do you live in a city with bus service? If so, do what our friends at New Mexico House Rabbit Society did. They posted an Easter message on the back of a bus.

Bus advertisement