Veterinary Support for MMC

We all know how important having good vet care is for our companion rabbits. The public often looks to the veterinary community for advice and what kind of pets to add to their families and what the specific needs of those animals might be. So vets can make some of our best allies when it comes to discouraging someone from getting a rabbit who might not be prepared for the level of care and attention they require.

Recently, some of our own local Central Ohio veterinarians have Partnered with MMC to share our message. In north Columbus, Ohio, The Animal Hospital of Polaris recently began a patient newsletter and included information about Make Mine Chocolate! in addition to linking to our website.

Also in Central Ohio, Dr. Lani Herrli of the Norton Road Veterinary Hospital took foster bunny Preston to her boys' grade school to teach them that rabbits are not for Easter gifts. She also took buttons from our CafePress store as well as our signature chocolate ceramic pins to give to all the kids.

Sabrina’s House~~Rabbit Rescue of North Carolina attended an event at the College of Veterinary Medicine at NC State University on March 31. By featuring the MMC flyers, they were able to generate “quite a bit of conversation” as well as “many ‘thumb's up’ from our guests.”

Dr. Tony Kremer will be appearing on ABC and FOX channels in Chicago this week to discuss rabbits as Easter gifts. He plans to present the anchors with our signature pins! This is a great way to raise awareness of the campaign and to educate the public.

MMC supporter Lois Veeder arranged for Philadelphia-area Avian and Exotic specialist Dr. Len Donato to appear on NBC-10 consumer news last Friday with his bunny. Dr. Donato will also be interviewed on KYW tomorrow morning. It’s fantastic to have the support of the veterinary community, and we are very grateful for their participation!