A sad reminder of how far we have to go...

This morning brought this year's first Easter reject - a baby bunny purchased as a PHOTO PROP.

PhotoBun.jpg The online ad read: I have a Beautiful Baby Bunny that needs a home. I purchased him from a pet store to shoot Easter Portraits. I used him for two days and he was wonderful!!! Great with children and needs a good home. I want to finalize this asap.

To her, he was nothing more than another prop, "used" for a couple of days to make her pictures look cute. And once the photos had been taken, she "didn't need him anymore." Obviously, she couldn't wait to get rid of him "asap."

The good news for this little guy is that a dedicated rescuer saw the ad and negotiated getting him from the ill-informed photographer. He is, indeed, adorable! But he's still a baby at 6-7 weeks old. He will be neutered in a few weeks and then be ready for adoption.