MMC on the Net

Who doesn't love the internet? We here at MMC sure do, especially when it's used for good to spread the bunny love.

BunSpace Discussion Forums Check out the the MMC discussion on BunSpace. Personally, I'm a sucker for BunSpace.

Blogging These folks are spreading the MMC message on their own blogs. Some of them may be a little unconventional, but their thinking is right on target.

The Pet Blog

Animal Attraction's Exotic Pets blog

The Looney Lagoon

Shade and Sweetwater

The Montgomery County (MD) Public Library

The Left Handed Rabbit

jot and tittle


These are just a few of the terrific places MMC has popped up online. Word of mouth - or text - is the most powerful tool we have in spreading the word that rabbits are not disposable pets. Keep typing!