MMC On Louie Free Radio Show

Each year, our campaign has had continued support from the Louie Free radio show in Youngstown, OH. Last Wednesday (3/17), Heather Dean called in to his show hoping to talk with Louie about our campaign and wouldn't you know - he was already talking about it before he answered her call!

Louie was actually talking about the wonderful produce he feeds his bunnies and where he shops for the greens. He currently has 6 rescued rabbits, so he definitely spends some time at the grocery store!

Louie and Heather talked about Make Mine Chocolate! and how it can be a valuable tool for doing research before bringing a rabbit into the home. They also discussed various options for Easter gifts...other than a live rabbit: try a chocolate bunny, a stuffed bunny, a zsu zsu pet. It is so important to teach children about the responsibilities of owning a pet, and the truth is - children have short attention spans and will tire of a pet long before the pet lives out its life.

Heather is looking forward to speaking with Louie again in the days leading up to Easter. He has been a tireless supporter of our campaign. Please support him by tuning into his radio show weekdays between 10am - 3pm at