HOPPY Endings!

Remember Fozzy? He was the first abandoned Easter Bunny of 2011, left by a dumpster in the cold rain on Easter Monday. Luckily, he was spotted by a caring neighbor, who immediately called a friend for help. That friend indeed was Erin, who is a volunteer at Red Door, a no-kill shelter in Chicago.

Fozzy-1stDump.jpg"When I got there, the poor thing was shivering from being out in the cold rain for hours. I immediately wrapped him in my coat and put his cage in the car. I turned the heater on high and sat him in my lap for the ride home. By the time we got home, he was warmed up, but obviously still shaken up by the events of the day. I wrapped him in a blanket and turned on the wedding music CD I had been listening to earlier. As it turns out, he loves classical music and immediately perked up and began to relax."

Red Door has been kind enough to share an update on his life since last Easter. Read on: Fozzy's story touched many hearts, and was even featured on the blog of the Make Mine Chocolate campaign.

One of the hearts that Fozzy touched most was Erin's, and she ended up adopting him. "We couldn't help but love this unusually furry rabbit who was loving and friendly to everyone, despite his ordeal ... After a few days, and seeing how sweet he was, there was no way I could let him go, so he became a part of our family."

Fozzy not only has a great home now - he even has a girlfriend! They met while "bunny-dating" at Red Door. "Tulle was very sweet to him when they first met, and he was obviously very nervous. He kept stamping his feet and running away."


They are like a typical married couple. He is a total slob, and she tries to express her disgust by grunting at him. When it appears that he isn't listening to her, she gives him a little nip on the rear end and he minds his P's and Q's for about 15 minutes."

Yes, Dear... Whatever you say, Dear... Fozzy's story has a happy ending, but for thousands of other "Easter Bunnies" the future may not be as rosy. Please help them by sharing Fozzy's story, and by continuing to support Make Mine Chocolate!