Heather Dean talks MMC with Louie Free

The Louie Free Radio Show, based in Youngstown but broadcasting online, is a long-time supporter of the "Make Mine Chocolate!" campaign. Today Heather Dean spoke on the air with Louie for an unprecedented 40 minutes about the importance of doing your research before bringing a rabbit into your home. A chocolate rabbit or stuffed animal are better alternatives as Easter gifts for children. Live rabbits should not be an impulse purchase during Easter, or at anytime. Our website at www.makeminechocolate.org features fun Interactive Bun activities to help your family determine if a rabbit is the right pet for your family.

During the conversation with Louie, Heather brought up concerns about the new movie Hop, in theaters April 1st. The movie depicts the Easter rabbit who causes mischief as a house pet. The concern is that children will see the movie and ask their parents if they can have a pet rabbit because they look like so much fun. Heather pointed out that parents should use this movie as a way to educate their children on the importance of being a responsible pet owner. Heather reminded parents that if children beg for a pet rabbit after seeing the movie, buy them a stuffed animal to put in their Easter basket and explain to them that a pet rabbit needs a lot of care and they are not animals that like to be picked up or carried around. A stuffed animal is a better alternative for young children.

Louie is very passionate about the well-being of rabbits and Heather has a calm demeanor which makes for an interesting conversation! You never know what Louie will say but its nice to know that he strongly supports "Make Mine Chocolate!" and is willing to do whatever he can to help rabbits. Heather plans to talk to him again in a few weeks to further discuss the responsibilities of having a rabbit, and why they should not be an impulse purchase. To listen to the Louie Free Show, please visit www.louiefreeshow.com.