Heather Dean back on Louie Free

With just a couple of days until Easter Sunday, Heather Dean was anxious to go on the air with Louie B. Free to talk once again about the Make Mine Chocolate! message. Louie asked how she was doing and Heather said "I'm exhausted with Easter right around the corner!" In the brief 10 minute segment, Heather focused on the importance of researching rabbit care before you bring one into the home, paying close attention to how the entire family feels about having a rabbit. Louie B. brought up the fact that when a family decides to adopt a child, they spend months-even years-making sure its the right decision for their family. So why don't more people do the research necessary before bringing a rabbit into the home? Education is the primary goal of Make Mine Chocolate! and with partners like Louie B., we will continue to have the opportunity to talk about this important issue at Easter, and throughout the year.