Our Partners

  • Partner creates a great "treat" for the kids!

    Ladies Blend, our natural bath and beauty Partner, has created a special product just for kids at Easter. They've also made a special page and added information about the Make Mine Chocolate mission and website, including links. These chocolate and vanilla scented bath salts are another option for parents, family and friends who are contemplating giving a rabbit to a child as an Easter gift. Ladies Blend is offering these wonderful natural products at an exceptional price for Easter. They also remind parents that "quality time teaching your children about natural bath goodies along with kindness and respect for animals is time well spent." We agree!

  • Rabbit Central donating 5% of sales to MMC!

    Rabbit Central is a corporate sponsor of the Make Mine Chocolate! campaign and has come up with a great way to support MMC this year. 5% of every order using the MMC coupon code will be donated to our campaign, now through April 8th. I guess you know what that means....SHOP!


  • Outsiders Welcome

    We’ve all been there – you start talking about animal welfare, and some people’s eyes glaze over and their attention wanders. They’re just not interested because you’re simply another animal group and they’ve heard it all before. So while it’s very important for MMC to have the support of other animal welfare groups, it’s also equally important for us to get support and attention from groups and individuals outside the animal welfare community. It’s often these connections that give us coverage in the “outside” world – that world beyond the reaches of our individual groups. This year, we are fortunate to be supported by the Master of Trenton-Cyrus Lodge #5, F & AM (Free and Accepted Masons) near Trenton, NJ. As Master, Brian Harper is responsible for publishing an electronic newsletter, through which the MMC message will reach about 400 members. Another important partnership is with the Fanciful Fanny, an online cloth diapering business, through which the MMC message will reach an important target group: parents of young children. Our Partnership with Ladies Blend, an online specialty cosmetics company, will reach women searching for natural beauty products. And we’ll reach knitting enthusiasts through Marlena Clark’s article and link on her knitting blog. These “outsiders” represent a wide range of members and customers, who will be more likely to listen to our message if they receive it from a source they trust on other issues and interests.

    These are just some of the groups and individuals sharing the MMC message outside of the usual animal welfare circles. They can share our message with those who may not think like we do – those who might consider giving (or getting) a rabbit at Easter or those who have never considered the plight of Easter rabbits or know there is a problem. We are grateful for the support of our non-traditional Partners.

    We’re counting on them to reach the folks we can’t.

  • National Confectioners Association partners with Make Mine Chocolate!

    NCA is pleased to announce a partnership with "Make Mine Chocolate!" for Easter 2007. The goal of "Make Mine Chocolate!" is to educate the public of the challenges of properly caring for rabbits and to encourage them to purchase chocolate Easter bunnies instead of live rabbits. This Easter, NCA will tout a "Battle of the Bunnies" campaign and reveal results from a nationwide survey that show Americans prefer candy bunnies to live bunnies as Easter gifts. Visit NCA's web site or the Make Mine Chocolate! web site in the upcoming weeks for more news on this exciting partnership. Contact NCA's Susan Fussell at (703) 790-5750.

  • Going Global

    Last year we were surprised by the support we received from around the world. We were mentioned on several websites from Europe and Asia to Africa and Australia. This year, we are again receiving global support. In addition to our Canadian partners, we have added partners from the United Kingdom: Bunny Burrows joins us from North Yorkshire, and the Bunny Camp Sanctuary hails from West Yorkshire. A supporter in Melbourne, Australia is posting flyers in grocery windows, including one near a local pet store.

  • Support from the Great White North

    This year, we have had the support of several groups and individuals from north of the border. Some of our Canadian Partners include the Small Animal Rescue Society of BC (SARS BC) in British Columbia, Vancouver Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy, and the Lexington Road Animal Hospital in Waterloo, Ontario.

    We’ve also had many individual Canadians showing their support by wearing our pins and shirts, printing and distributing our ads and flyers, writing letters to local newspapers, and appearing on television and radio shows.

    We send a big, warm Thank You to our friends up North for helping to educate their countrymen about house rabbits.

  • Retail Partners Spread the Word

    Some of our retail Partners have come up with a creative way to spread our message. Mail-order suppliers such as Rabbit Central and Cats & Rabbits & More are including one of the MMC flyers in all outgoing orders.

    If you have a retail business and would like to support the campaign, consider slipping a postcard or flyer into each order or shopping bag. Our flyers can be found here.

    What a great way to help save the lives of rabbits across the country!