Our Partners

  • Rescue Chocolate in NYC

    An MMC supporter tipped us off to these folks in New York City. Not exactly MMC-related (yet, we'll work on 'em for next year), but good eggs nonetheless. The Brooklyn-based company is called Rescue Chocolate - they make vegan chocolate and offer vegan creme eggs for Easter and kosher vegan chocolate matzohs for Passover. But the BEST part is that they donate 100% of their net profits to rescue and animal-rights organizations. That makes them alright with us!

  • A Big Win for COMPASSION

    Frank Frost-sm.jpg This is an excerpt email we received from Cheri Frost of Frank Frost Photographyin Albuquerque, NM.

    My husband and I own a professional photography studio in Albuquerque, NM and over the past fifteen years, we've always photographed children at Easter with live rabbits.

    We are members of PPA and WPPI and while perusing their website, I was made aware of your Make Mine Chocolate campaign and it has changed the way we are photographing children this year. We are filling the set with chocolate bunnies and we can't wait!

    If you are in the Albuquerque area, please consider supporting them by having your Easter photos taken with their CHOCOLATE bunnies! And be sure to THANK THEM for their compassion!

    Frank Frost Photography
    7400 Montgomery Blvd NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87112

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  • Make Mine WINE and Chocolate!

    strawberry platter 021small.jpg Sher-Bliss, a chocolate and wine shop in Gahanna, is our newest local partner.

    Not only are they sharing the MMC message, they are donating a portion of the sales of two of their popular Easter items to the Columbus House Rabbit Society to support the "Make Mine Chocolate!" campaign! Available in-store or online, they are offering their "Bliss in a Bottle" - a bottle of Rabbit Ridge Bunny Cuvee dipped in milk, dark, or white chocolate for $29.99, or their solid 1 lb Belgian chocolate Easter bunny for $29.50. Prices are before tax, shipping and handling - they ship via UPS throughout the continental US.

    "Cuvee" is a wine made from a blend of grapes. According to their website, Rabbit Ridge's Bunny Cuvee is approximately 40% Bordeaux varietals (Cabernet Franc and Petite Verdot) blended with approximately 60% Petite Sirah. Interestingly, the term "Cuvee" also applies to chocolate that is blended to produce a certain taste.

    Each item will have a tag specifying that a donation was made.

  • New Shelter - New Partner


    The Ohio House Rabbit Rescue is a new group dedicated to the rescue and adoption of house rabbits and to the education of current and potential pet parents and the general public. Their goal is to build a new rabbit-only animal shelter in Central Ohio to provide a quality environment for rescued house rabbits while they wait to be adopted into loving homes.

    Currently, OHRR is competing for a $250,000 grant from the Pepsi Company that would provide the money necessary to get started on their shelter project. You can help them by voting for OHRR every day in March. For you vote to count, be sure to "sign in" at the bottom left hand corner, then click on "Vote for this idea." Be sure to sign in every day before voting.

  • MMC Down Under

    We are pleased to announce a new international partnership with Wildwood Rabbit Stud and SA Rabbit Rescue, an organization in South Australia that is an integral part of rabbit rescue in that part of the world. When founder Sally Arnold started SA Rabbit Rescue when she discovered the Animal Welfare League in South Australia was overwhelmed with the number of rabbits coming in, she started a home based shelter. Most people in SA, North, South, East and West of the city know or have heard about Sally's shelter and come to her for adoption pet rabbits. Now she will be working with MMC to educate people in South Australia and Australia! Welcome aboard!

  • Luv-A-Bun

    Luv-A-Bun, a rescue group in Florida, is participating in MMC for the second year. This year, one of their volunteers is making yummy chocolates. The group is contacting local exotic vets and pediatricians and asking them to place the MMC information in their offices, and offer the chocolates for sale/donation. Great idea!

  • Even Better than the Real Thing? 8 Reasons to Choose a Chocolate Bunny This Easter

    rabbit_LG6W3643small-new.jpg Think a bunny would make the perfect Easter gift? For live rabbits, the caring goes on after Easter. Ask yourself these eight questions to find out if you are rabbit-ready.

    Fairfaix VA: Bella, a brown and white Dutch mix rabbit, spends her days hiding under furniture, sneaking into the kitchen, and being scratched between the ears by her owner Barbara Post. Nine years ago, however, she was alone and abandoned in a cage at a shelter with an uncertain future. Originally purchased by a family as an Easter bunny, they soon grew tired of caring for her and gave her up for adoption. At the time, Barbara was looking for a companion for her first rabbit, a purebred Mini Rex named Fox. The House Rabbit Society introduced Fox to a variety of rabbits to help find him the perfect fit.

    "Fox was very aloof," Barbara said. "Girl rabbits would come up to him and he would not even pay attention. And then we put Bella in with him and they immediately started playing and running around. You could tell right away that they were going to be a good fit. So I adopted her." Thanks to the efforts of the House Rabbit Society, Bella now enjoys a carefree life with a loving family, but not all rabbits are so lucky.

    The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals estimates that thousands of rabbits end up in shelters or are abandoned into the wild after Easter each year. Rabbits are often turned away at shelters or are euthanized. Some rabbit owners release their "Easter bunny" into the wild, where rabbits can quickly fall victim to predators, injury, or illness.

    Anyone who is considering buying a live rabbit for Easter needs to ask the following questions:

    1.Are you ready for a roommate? Rabbits are social animals that are best kept indoors. Outside, rabbits are susceptible to extreme temperatures, fleas and disease.

    2.Are you okay losing your cable television connection? Some bunnies love to chew on rugs, furniture and electrical cords, which may need protection as if you were child-proofing your home.

    3.Do you mind cleaning up a few accidents? Rabbits can be trained to use litter boxes, but they may have an occasional accident.

    4.Are you ready for a grooming session? Bunnies groom themselves constantly, but they can benefit from being brushed regularly.

    5.Can you watch their diet? Rabbits need a diet of good quality pellets, fresh hay, fruits and vegetables, and plenty of clean water. They cannot live on carrots alone. In fact, because of the high sugar content, carrots should only be a treat.

    6.Can you make a commitment? The average spayed or neutered rabbit lives as long as a cat or dog. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the oldest rabbit in the world lived to the age of 18.

    7.Are you ready for two? Rabbits are social creatures, and many do well with a companion.

    8.Are you okay with allergies? Allergies to pet hair are common, as are allergies to hay, which rabbits should always have available to them for healthy digestion.

    If you answered "Yes" to all of these questions, then a rabbit may be a good pet for you to consider, not for just for Easter, but as a long-term commitment. Contact the local chapter of the House Rabbit Society or another rescue organization to find your perfect match. If, however, you answered "No" to any of the above questions, consider buying chocolate bunnies to fill Easter baskets this year. The Columbus House Rabbit Society started the Make Mine Chocolate! campaign in 2002 to educate potential rabbit owners about the real challenges of raising a pet rabbit. The campaign advocates gifting chocolate bunnies instead of real ones at Easter for those who are not ready for a long-term commitment.

    "Adopting a rabbit on the cute factor is not responsible," said Barbara. "There is a lot to know about a rabbit, and it is a commitment." In addition to being the owner of a rescued Easter bunny, Barbara owns the Historical Chocolate Company, which specializes in recreating landmarks and historic buildings in chocolate. This year, she is combining her love of rabbits with her chocolate business and will be offering chocolate Easter rabbits patterned from antique chocolate molds. The Historical Chocolate Company will be donating a portion of the proceeds to the Make Mine Chocolate! campaign and the House Rabbit Society's Maryland, D.C. and Northern Virginia chapter so that rabbits like Bella find a home.

    About The Historical Chocolate Company: The Historical Chocolate Company specializes in reproducing America's historic landmarks in milk, dark, and white chocolate for wedding favors, special events, corporate gifts, and gift/retail shops. Visit www.historicalchocolate.com, www.facebook.com/HistoricalChocolate and twitter.com/HistoricalChoc for more information.

    About the Make Mine Chocolate! Campaign: The Make Mine Chocolate! campaign was launched in 2002 by the Columbus House Rabbit society to educate the public on the realities of living with a rabbit. The campaign teaches rabbit owners proper rabbit-caring techniques and encourages people to purchase chocolate or toy rabbits rather than live ones at Easter. Learn more at MakeMineChocolate.org.

    About The House Rabbit Society: The House Rabbit Society is an international, nonprofit organization based in Richmond, CA, with two main goals: to rescue and re-home abandoned rabbits, and to improve rabbits' lives by helping people better understand these often misunderstood companion animals, through its publications, website, educational materials and classes. For more information, visit www.rabbit.org.

    About PawPrints Photography: Award-winning photographer Robin Burkett, owner of PawPrints Photography based in Alexandria, Va., specializes in photographing pets and the people who love them. Her work has been featured in numerous local and national publications. Robin often donates products and services to local animal rescue organizations. Visit www.pawprintsphotography.com to view her work.

  • Hop on Down the Bunny Trail in Knoxville!

    The Young-Williams Animal Center in Knoxville, TN is planning a fun Easter event:

    When: Saturday, March 22, 10:00 – 10:00 am

    Where: Young-Williams Animal Center, 3201 Division Street, Knoxville, TN 37919

    Visit the Animal Center for some spring fun! There will be an egg hunt (bring your own basket), rabbit education station, an opportunity to make a shelter rabbit a toy, an area for kids’ crafts, give-aways and treats, light refreshments, and adoptable animals--including rabbits! Contact Deonna Light at dlight@knoxpets.org or 865-215-6662 for more information about this fun and FREE event.

  • MMC in the UK

    Our supporters in Great Britain will be happy to know that the Make Mine Chocolate! signature pins are now available without having to pay for international shipping! The Hay Experts, one of our UK Partners, is carrying the pins on their website. Proceeds from sales of the pins will go to a local rabbit rescue.

  • Good Eggs

    Working right up to the last minute, here's what our supporters have been up to in the past few days:

    From Wichita: Joyce Gedraitis of Bunny TNT appeared on the KSN Channel 3 news in Wichita on April 4th. Watch the video!

    From Philadelphia: We've heard that 6-ABC consumer reporter Nydia Han ran a spot on her news show this week, and radio station WOGL welcomed a guest from the Philadelphia Zoo who shared our message about rabbits as Easter pets.

    From Columbus: Columbus HRS's Karalee Curry is scheduled to make a guest appearance on The Rolonda Watts Show on Monday, April 9th at 12:06 EDT. Be sure to log on and listen!