Campaign Matters

  • "Hop" - Early Easter Warning

    "HOP" is a new animated/live action movie scheduled for release in April 2011. While I'm sure this is a cute movie, I am not thrilled that it will mean more impulse Easter bunnies that will end up at shelters, rescues, abandoned outside or neglected.

    Since it's said that the best defense is a good offense, we will need to start early this year with our "Make Mine Chocolate!" message.

    Please send POLITE comments to Universal Pictures and ask them to include the "Make Mine Chocolate!" PSA starring Rich Little (available on the MMC website) as part of the distribution, and to link to the MMC website from the movie website.

    We'll also be encouraging supporters to contact local theaters showing the movie and ask to post or pass out MMC flyers. You can read more about the movie and view the trailer here:

    Happy Easter, folks.

  • MMC in the Yuma Sun

    Heather Dean was interviewed by Stephanie Wilken with the Yuma Sun.

    Bunnies, chicks are longtime commitments

    Heather Dean, community outreach coordinator with Make Mine Chocolate, an international campaign to help educate people about owning rabbits as pets, said rabbits are the third most abandoned animal in the U.S. after cats and dogs.

    She said that while rabbits may seem like a "low maintenance starter pet," owners need to be prepared for an eight- to nine-year commitment.

    "And do realize 'my child will become bored with this animal in a few weeks,'" she said.

    Keep reading the full article, which also urges people to reconsider giving chicks at Easter, too.

    Thanks to Heather for always doing such a great job representing MMC!

  • Gallery HOPPERS on Saturday!


    It's shaping up to be a beautiful weekend, and what better reason to join CHRS members at this month's Gallery Hop in the Short North!! On Saturday night (April 3rd), from 4-10pm, Columbus' premier art district will be "hopping" with people enjoying the Spring weather, perusing the galleries, sampling fine cuisine, listening to music, and taking in the sights. We'll be there, too, decked out in our MMC gear and bunny ears, passing out MMC flyers and CHOCOLATE BUNNIES to spread the word that rabbits are not disposable pets!

    Feel free to join us, for a few minutes or a few hours - take advantage of the lovely weather, stop by Jeni's for some ice cream, grab a coffee at MoJoe Lounge, and save some bunnies.

    Contact Megan Lynch at or Terri Cook at for more details!

  • A sad reminder of how far we have to go...

    This morning brought this year's first Easter reject - a baby bunny purchased as a PHOTO PROP.

    PhotoBun.jpg The online ad read: I have a Beautiful Baby Bunny that needs a home. I purchased him from a pet store to shoot Easter Portraits. I used him for two days and he was wonderful!!! Great with children and needs a good home. I want to finalize this asap.

    To her, he was nothing more than another prop, "used" for a couple of days to make her pictures look cute. And once the photos had been taken, she "didn't need him anymore." Obviously, she couldn't wait to get rid of him "asap."

    The good news for this little guy is that a dedicated rescuer saw the ad and negotiated getting him from the ill-informed photographer. He is, indeed, adorable! But he's still a baby at 6-7 weeks old. He will be neutered in a few weeks and then be ready for adoption.

  • Take Two! - MMC on NBC4

    Heather Dean will make an appearance this coming Thursday at 11:00 am on NBC4, when she will talk with Daytime Columbus host Gail Hogan about the Make Mine Chocolate! campaign. She'll have a foster bun with her and she will be reminding viewers that rabbits should not be an impulse purchase.

    MMC 3-28-10 002small.jpg Here's a photo of John Dean and Burton, doing a fantastic job of representing MMC last Sunday morning. John spoke with host Marshall McPeek about the responsibility of properly caring for a pet rabbit, and emphasized that rabbits should not be given as Easter gifts.

  • John Dean to be on WCMH 4 Sunday Morning

    Our own John Dean and Spokesbun Burton will make an appearance on the WCMH (Channel 4) local news this Sunday morning (3/28) during the 9:00 hour. John will be talking with weekend anchor Mindy Drayer about Make Mine Chocolate! while Burton demonstrates how intelligent and interactive rabbits really are! Set your DVRs or tune in to catch all the fun!

  • New MMC Flyer for 2010!

    Our original MMC Flyer has been updated for 2010! Check it out: Click HERE for the color version; or HERE for the Black/White version. We've also got a page of small-size fliers (4 per page) coming soon! These revisions match our Photography poster and help give our materials a more consistent look. Please download them and use them to help share the word that rabbits are NOT disposable pets!

  • MMC On Louie Free Radio Show

    Each year, our campaign has had continued support from the Louie Free radio show in Youngstown, OH. Last Wednesday (3/17), Heather Dean called in to his show hoping to talk with Louie about our campaign and wouldn't you know - he was already talking about it before he answered her call!

    Louie was actually talking about the wonderful produce he feeds his bunnies and where he shops for the greens. He currently has 6 rescued rabbits, so he definitely spends some time at the grocery store!

    Louie and Heather talked about Make Mine Chocolate! and how it can be a valuable tool for doing research before bringing a rabbit into the home. They also discussed various options for Easter gifts...other than a live rabbit: try a chocolate bunny, a stuffed bunny, a zsu zsu pet. It is so important to teach children about the responsibilities of owning a pet, and the truth is - children have short attention spans and will tire of a pet long before the pet lives out its life.

    Heather is looking forward to speaking with Louie again in the days leading up to Easter. He has been a tireless supporter of our campaign. Please support him by tuning into his radio show weekdays between 10am - 3pm at

  • 'Twas the Night Before Easter

    'Twas the night before Easter, and all through the house
    Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
    The baskets were ready for eggs they would find
    Hidden by the Easter Bunny so cute and so kind.

    The children were nestled all snug in their beds
    With no thought of their bunny who hadn't been fed.
    With Ma in her 'kerchief, and I in my cap
    We knew he was hungry but we needed a nap.

    When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter
    I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
    When, what to my wondering eyes should appear
    But the Easter Bunny - with eyes full of tears.

    He un-caged the rabbit, once lively and quick,
    Last year's Easter Gift, now lonely and sick.
    More rapid than eagles he called the bunn's name
    And with a few binkies, the bunny happily came.

    "You poor little soul, so sad and alone,
    With no one to love you in this so-called home.
    How quickly they forgot about your joys and your needs.
    Come with me, Little One, come with me please.

    Run with me, Bunny, stretch your legs tall!
    Let's find you a home where you'll be loved by all."
    The Easter Bunny left no chocolates that year But he certainly made one thing quite clear.

    The gift of a rabbit is not just for the season,
    We had gotten the bunny for all the wrong reasons.
    "A bunny would make a great gift!" was our thought
    But there was one important thing we forgot.

    A bunny should be family, and loved just as much,
    Not locked in a cage and denied human touch.
    They need more than a name, a pat and a meal,
    They need companionship and love that is real.

    And I heard him exclaim as he dashed out of sight
    "You weren't given a gift! You were given a LIFE!"

    Author Unknown

  • New MMC Items at CafePress!

    We've added new items to our selection of MMC merchandise! From an expanded selection of shirts and baby gear, to bags and water bottles, we've got something for every non-furry member of your family! We've even got household items - like this great apron, to help you spread the MMC message while you make your Easter dinner! apronMMC.jpg Visit the MMC CafePress store to order your MMC merchandise today!