April 2011

  • CHRS and MMC at CAHS.... a post-script

    GS basket1.jpgI was back out at CAHS today to meet one of the Girl Scouts from yesterday (and her dad) who was the winner of two of our great raffle prizes. She was THRILLED with her baskets!! Overheard as they were walking out the door: "The money you spent on those tickets was REALLY WORTH IT, Dad!" Too cute!!

  • "Make Mine Chocolate!" at the Capital Area Humane Society a HUGE Success!

    P1070206.JPG Thanks to everyone (and everyBUN) who attended the CHRS "Make Mine Chocolate!" Day at the Capital Area Humane Society in Hilliard, OH today!! What a GREAT event!!

    The timing was perfect, too, because this morning was orientation for new shelter volunteers and then in the afternoon, the shelter hosted about 60 Girl Scouts (4 to 5 Troops) working on their animal care badges. The girls spend time learning about caring for animals, how the shelter works, and then making toys and treats for the animals. They are accompanied by their moms and troop leaders, and sometimes their whole families. It all added up to a lot of foot traffic coming past our tables! Our volunteers took time with each group of Girl Scouts to talk about the challenges of living with a house rabbit, explain the goals of the "Make Mine Chocolate!" campaign, and to find out what the girls had learned about rabbits in their day at the shelter and answer their questions.

    P1070222.JPG P1070214.JPG









    We had lots of winners for our fabulous raffle prizes, gave away lots of info on living with a rabbit, enjoyed sweet baked goodies thanks to our friends from Job's Daughters, and will be featured on the 10tv news at 11:00pm tonight! Plus we raised nearly $700 for the bunnies at CAHS!!!

    I'd like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all the volunteers who made it all possible, and to CAHS for allowing us to set up in their lobby!! GREAT JOB everyone!

  • Louie Free talks MMC - Round 2

    Heather Dean was thrilled to do another on-air segment with Louie Free today. The conversation was well-timed with the release of the Universal Pictures movie HOP in theaters today. Rescue groups and animal welfare organizations across the country are joining forces to alert parents not to fall victim to their children's pleas for a pet rabbit after seeing this rabbit-themed movie. Parents are urged to buy their child a chocolate rabbit, or a stuffed toy this Easter-not a live rabbit.

    Louie also spoke with Heather about other "Make Mine Chocolate!" activities both locally and nationally. Heather spoke about our featured partnership with Rescue Chocolate and their support of the campaign. Heather mentioned that listeners can keep tabs on the campaign by visiting www.makeminechocolate.org.

    Louie has been a supporter of rabbit rescue and "Make Mine Chocolate!" for years and we appreciate his tireless efforts to raise awareness. Please tune in to his radio show online at www.louiefreeshow.com.