April 2010

  • Happy Easter!!


    THIS is the RIGHT way to do Easter photos with kids!!! The photos are beautiful, the chocolate (reportedly) was delicious, and everyone is happy! The best part: no REAL bunnies were harmed in the process - though we can't say the same for some of those tasty chocolate ears! Cheri Frost says, "The children loved them and everyone left with with sticky fingers smelling of chocolate...which is a Very Good Thing!"

    Thanks again to FRANK FROST PHOTOGRAPHY for supporting Make Mine Chocolate!

  • MMC in the Yuma Sun

    Heather Dean was interviewed by Stephanie Wilken with the Yuma Sun.

    Bunnies, chicks are longtime commitments

    Heather Dean, community outreach coordinator with Make Mine Chocolate, an international campaign to help educate people about owning rabbits as pets, said rabbits are the third most abandoned animal in the U.S. after cats and dogs.

    She said that while rabbits may seem like a "low maintenance starter pet," owners need to be prepared for an eight- to nine-year commitment.

    "And do realize 'my child will become bored with this animal in a few weeks,'" she said.

    Keep reading the full article, which also urges people to reconsider giving chicks at Easter, too.

    Thanks to Heather for always doing such a great job representing MMC!

  • Gallery HOPPERS on Saturday!


    It's shaping up to be a beautiful weekend, and what better reason to join CHRS members at this month's Gallery Hop in the Short North!! On Saturday night (April 3rd), from 4-10pm, Columbus' premier art district will be "hopping" with people enjoying the Spring weather, perusing the galleries, sampling fine cuisine, listening to music, and taking in the sights. We'll be there, too, decked out in our MMC gear and bunny ears, passing out MMC flyers and CHOCOLATE BUNNIES to spread the word that rabbits are not disposable pets!

    Feel free to join us, for a few minutes or a few hours - take advantage of the lovely weather, stop by Jeni's for some ice cream, grab a coffee at MoJoe Lounge, and save some bunnies.

    Contact Megan Lynch at feinexdesignhouse@gmail.com or Terri Cook at terri@columbusrabbit.org for more details!