March 2010

  • New Shelter - New Partner


    The Ohio House Rabbit Rescue is a new group dedicated to the rescue and adoption of house rabbits and to the education of current and potential pet parents and the general public. Their goal is to build a new rabbit-only animal shelter in Central Ohio to provide a quality environment for rescued house rabbits while they wait to be adopted into loving homes.

    Currently, OHRR is competing for a $250,000 grant from the Pepsi Company that would provide the money necessary to get started on their shelter project. You can help them by voting for OHRR every day in March. For you vote to count, be sure to "sign in" at the bottom left hand corner, then click on "Vote for this idea." Be sure to sign in every day before voting.

  • MMC Down Under

    We are pleased to announce a new international partnership with Wildwood Rabbit Stud and SA Rabbit Rescue, an organization in South Australia that is an integral part of rabbit rescue in that part of the world. When founder Sally Arnold started SA Rabbit Rescue when she discovered the Animal Welfare League in South Australia was overwhelmed with the number of rabbits coming in, she started a home based shelter. Most people in SA, North, South, East and West of the city know or have heard about Sally's shelter and come to her for adoption pet rabbits. Now she will be working with MMC to educate people in South Australia and Australia! Welcome aboard!

  • SPONSORED! Give THIS to the Kids for Easter!

    Easter Sponsor basket2sm.jpg A mom wrote in and said last year, she made a donation to a local rabbit rescue group and sponsored two rabbits for Easter in her kids' names. She then used the bunnies' photos and character descriptions from the website and made a sign for each bunny. She put the signs in her kids' Easter baskets and gave them their donation gift for Easter. They loved it!

    Now THAT'S the way to give kids an Easter bunny!

  • Luv-A-Bun

    Luv-A-Bun, a rescue group in Florida, is participating in MMC for the second year. This year, one of their volunteers is making yummy chocolates. The group is contacting local exotic vets and pediatricians and asking them to place the MMC information in their offices, and offer the chocolates for sale/donation. Great idea!