February 2008

  • 2008 Make Mine Chocolate! - Off and Running!

    The 2008 "Make Mine Chocolate!" Campaign is already off to a fantastic start! To date, more than 3,000 signature pins and 800 original magnets help spread the "Make Mine Chocolate!" message worldwide, in addition to 800 original t-shirts and sweatshirts, and nearly 500 buttons, mugs, magnets, bumper stickers, shirts and bags from our Cafepress shop! Here are a few of the exciting things for this year's campaign:

    • We are currently hard at work on an activity book that will help children learn about rabbit personality and care. When complete, it will be available for download from our website.
    • Let's get MMC on Oprah!
    First, Visit Oprah's suggestion page and ask her to feature the Make Mine Chocolate campaign.

    The website: http://www2.oprah.com/email/reach/email_showideas.html

    The message: Copy and paste the following message into the comment section.

    Please feature the Columbus House Rabbit Society's "Make Mine Chocolate!" campaign. Easter is right around the corner, and thousands of rabbits die each year when kids lose interest in them. This campaign educates the public about responsible rabbit care and encourages giving candy or toy bunnies instead of live animals at Easter. Visit www.makeminechocolate.org for more information.

    Then, encourage friends and family to do the same by placing the following in the signature portion of your outgoing e-mails.


    Click below to tell Oprah you want her to feature the Columbus House Rabbit Society's Make Mine Chocolate campaign. Easter is right around the corner, and thousands of rabbits die each year when kids lose interest in them.


    • Buy your raffle tickets! Joseph Larkin has again provided an original painting to be raffled for $1 per ticket. Visit our website to view "Across the Universe," his latest beautiful and cosmic creation.
    • Order a delicious, gourmet chocolate bunny from Cindy's Chocolate Boutique. Cindy is an active volunteer and a gourmet chocolatier. She is generously donating HALF of the proceeds from each chocolate bunny to the MMC campaign!
    • "Make Mine Chocolate!" will be the Charity of the Day at Goodsearch on March 12, 2008. Use Goodsearch for all your internet searches and support MMC at the same time. Visit www.goodsearch.com.
    • Visit www.Cafepress.com/chocolate/bunny to see all of our terrific merchandise.
    As always, we have informational materials here. You'll find a variety of print materials, including the Compassionate Photography letter template and poster, and a Public Service Announcement for download and distribution to your local media outlets.

    Don't forget to renew your Partnership for 2008. Please visit www.makeminechocolate.org/partner.php to determine which Partnership option best suits you, and contact us at mmcinfo@makeminechocolate.org to let us know which option you are fulfilling. In order for your logo and link to continue to appear on this page, you must maintain your status as a current partner. Our success depends on you!

    Thank you for your continued support of the "Make Mine Chocolate!" campaign.