April 2007

  • H(o)ppy Easter!

    Happy Easter!

    Preston is a former Easter bunny who is currently in foster care. He is the reason for what we do.

    For all the rabbits you've helped this year, we thank you.

  • Good Eggs

    Working right up to the last minute, here's what our supporters have been up to in the past few days:

    From Wichita: Joyce Gedraitis of Bunny TNT appeared on the KSN Channel 3 news in Wichita on April 4th. Watch the video!

    From Philadelphia: We've heard that 6-ABC consumer reporter Nydia Han ran a spot on her news show this week, and radio station WOGL welcomed a guest from the Philadelphia Zoo who shared our message about rabbits as Easter pets.

    From Columbus: Columbus HRS's Karalee Curry is scheduled to make a guest appearance on The Rolonda Watts Show on Monday, April 9th at 12:06 EDT. Be sure to log on and listen!

  • More Media Coverage!

    Alabama EARS is making two appearances on TV this week. Candice Cordell of WVUA TV in Tuscaloosa arranged for them to be on the Midday Show on April 4th. Linda of Alambama EARS will also be on Good Day Alabama on Fox 6 at 8:25 am on Friday, April 6. They said, "yes, we will be bringing Easter baskets with chocolate bunnies!"

    Karalee Curry of the Columbus House Rabbit Society and MMC Campaign appeared on the Louie Free radio program at 4pm on April 3rd. Louie Free broadcasts on WGFT 1330AM in Youngstown, Ohio and maintains a blog for his show.

    Supporter Lois Veeder contacted her local paper, which resulted in an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer this past Sunday, complete with a picture of a woman holding a bunny. The article entitled "When They Stop Being Cute" appeared on the cover.

    Columbus HRS member Wendy Marshner had a letter to the editor published in the April 4th Columbus Dispatch.

    Our supporters and Partners are doing a fantastic job of keeping MMC in the news! Keep up the terrific work!

  • Veterinary Support for MMC

    We all know how important having good vet care is for our companion rabbits. The public often looks to the veterinary community for advice and what kind of pets to add to their families and what the specific needs of those animals might be. So vets can make some of our best allies when it comes to discouraging someone from getting a rabbit who might not be prepared for the level of care and attention they require.

    Recently, some of our own local Central Ohio veterinarians have Partnered with MMC to share our message. In north Columbus, Ohio, The Animal Hospital of Polaris recently began a patient newsletter and included information about Make Mine Chocolate! in addition to linking to our website.

    Also in Central Ohio, Dr. Lani Herrli of the Norton Road Veterinary Hospital took foster bunny Preston to her boys' grade school to teach them that rabbits are not for Easter gifts. She also took buttons from our CafePress store as well as our signature chocolate ceramic pins to give to all the kids.

    Sabrina’s House~~Rabbit Rescue of North Carolina attended an event at the College of Veterinary Medicine at NC State University on March 31. By featuring the MMC flyers, they were able to generate “quite a bit of conversation” as well as “many ‘thumb's up’ from our guests.”

    Dr. Tony Kremer will be appearing on ABC and FOX channels in Chicago this week to discuss rabbits as Easter gifts. He plans to present the anchors with our signature pins! This is a great way to raise awareness of the campaign and to educate the public.

    MMC supporter Lois Veeder arranged for Philadelphia-area Avian and Exotic specialist Dr. Len Donato to appear on NBC-10 consumer news last Friday with his bunny. Dr. Donato will also be interviewed on KYW tomorrow morning. It’s fantastic to have the support of the veterinary community, and we are very grateful for their participation!

  • Use Goodsearch to help MMC!

    The Make Mine Chocolate! campaign is the Charity of the Day on Goodsearch! Use Goodsearch for all your internet searches and designate the Columbus House Rabbit Society as your charity. It's an easy way to contribute without hurting your wallet! Proceeds raised help fund our foster program, educational campaigns and, of course, Make Mine Chocolate!

  • Bunnycam going dark for Easter

    In a bold move, the Brooklyn Bunny Cam is going dark (well, pink) for Easter. Because this live cam shows Roebling the Brooklyn Bunny in all his bunny cuteness, his webmasters fear that he could inspire some viewers to acquire a bunny of their own without realizing the enormous responsiblities of rabbit guardianship. So, in an effort to discourage impulse purchases, they have taken the bunny cam offline until after Easter. We salute them and eagerly await the return of Roebling.

    The Brooklyn Bunny Live Cam is an MMC Friend through MySpace.

  • Iowa Partner hosts Easter event

    Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary and Rescue of Boone, IA is hosting an Easter event at a local Petco. Linda says, "The Manager at our Petco LOVES US." This particular Petco does not allow rabbit sales within ten days before or after Easter in the hope of preventing impulse purchases.

    RVAS is offering photographs with a giant chocolate bunny, an in-store Easter egg hunt with "instant winner" tickets hidden in 25 of the 250 eggs they are hiding. The prize is - of course - a CHOCOLATE bunny! They will pass out MMC literature and have a bunny expert on site to answer any questions the public has on living with a bunny.

  • Partners in the News!

    Our Partners are getting all kinds of media attention!

    In Wichita, KS, Joyce (aka "Grandma Bunny") of Bunny TNT will be promoting MMC in her interview Tuesday, April 3rd on local NBC affiliate KSN's evening news.

    Rabbit Haven of Santa Cruz, CA was featured in an article in the March 31 Kitsap Sun.

    The Sun paired the article with a streaming video/audio slideshow of Rabbit Haven's Sue Brennan telling the story of how her group began. The Montgomery County (MD) Humane Society was featured in a terrific article in the DC Examiner. They are also hosting "Bunny Hop" events, to allow kids to interact with real rabbits and learn about responsible pet care.

    Our own Terri Cook was interviewed for an article by Sunny Branson of the Catalyst magazine as well as for the Kitsup Sun article listed above.

    MMC has also made the front page of the Pets section of the Humane Society of the United States' website.

    If your group or organization has made the news, please let us hear about it! Email a description of your appearance and a link to mmcinfo@makeminechocolate.org

  • 1 Week Left - the countdown is ON!

    Only one week left to purchase raffle tickets for this beautiful original painting entitled "Mr. Brooks in the Garden" by Joseph Larkin. Tickets are priced at $1.00 each.

    Joseph is an extremely talented professional artist who kindly donated his time and skill to create this amazing work of art.

    For your chance to win, visit our raffle page!