February 2007

  • National Confectioners Association partners with Make Mine Chocolate!

    NCA is pleased to announce a partnership with "Make Mine Chocolate!" for Easter 2007. The goal of "Make Mine Chocolate!" is to educate the public of the challenges of properly caring for rabbits and to encourage them to purchase chocolate Easter bunnies instead of live rabbits. This Easter, NCA will tout a "Battle of the Bunnies" campaign and reveal results from a nationwide survey that show Americans prefer candy bunnies to live bunnies as Easter gifts. Visit NCA's web site or the Make Mine Chocolate! web site in the upcoming weeks for more news on this exciting partnership. Contact NCA's Susan Fussell at (703) 790-5750.

  • The "Make Mine Chocolate" 2007 Campaign

    I want to first thank you for your participation in the 2006 “Make Mine Chocolate!” campaign. Once again, with the strength of our partnerships, the campaign was another huge success! Last year saw the addition of Partners from around the globe, from Canada to Great Britain and Australia. Some of our retail Partners helped spread our message by including flyers in the orders they shipped. "Make Mine Chocolate!" ads and articles appeared in newspapers and magazines across the country, and our logo and link appeared on more than 75 websites. Individuals posted flyers throughout the US and around the world, as far away as Australia. More than 2,500 supporters proudly wear our original “Make Mine Chocolate!” ceramic pin. Over 725 others are sharing our message by wearing “Make Mine Chocolate!” T-shirts and sweatshirts, and nearly 700 "Make Mine Chocolate!" magnets adorn refrigerators and doors. Lastly, our raffle of the painting “Racing with the Moon” by Joseph Larkin raised a grand total of nearly $600 to help finance our ads and other campaign efforts.

    Here’s a preview of what we’re planning for 2007:

    Photographer Challenge: Our biggest challenge at Easter is dispelling the myth that rabbits and young children are a good mix. Portrait photographers often capitalize on this myth by offering kids’ portraits taken with baby bunnies. This year, we’re encouraging our Partners to work with local photographers to find humane alternatives to using live rabbits in their portraits. We’ll post a letter template explaining the campaign and our concerns and offer suggestions for alternatives. We’re also working on a poster that compassionate photographers can display explaining to customers why they are not using live animals in their photo sessions.

    Cafepress: While the original pins, magnets and a few shirts are still available through our website, we’ve opened a “Make Mine Chocolate!” store at Cafepress, filled with MMC merchandise! We’ve added coffee mugs, buttons, bags, ceramics, and several styles of shirts. Use the link on our website to hop on over and check out all the great new ways to share our message!

    Raffle: The hottest item of last year’s campaign returns: the very talented Joseph Larkin has offered to provide another original painting to be raffled for $1 per ticket. A photo of this beautiful art work can be seen on our website.

    The Interactive Bun: Our online learning center will feature a new game that allows the player to build a safe living area for a rabbit. With artwork by Joseph Larkin, this interactive space lets the player choose all the items that go into housing the well-appointed rabbit.

    Partners Page: We’ve updated our Partners page with our 2006 Partners in a geographical listing. Please visit here to determine which Partnership option best suits you, and let us know which option you are fulfilling. In order for your logo and link to continue to appear on this page, you must maintain your status as a current Partner.

    Web Design and Blog: We’ll continue to enhance our website to make it easier for our Partners to share information, activities, and creative ideas on how you are participating in the “Make Mine Chocolate!” campaign.

    Our goals for this year are ambitious, but the enthusiasm of our Partners inspires us to keep the campaign fresh and exciting. Thank you in advance for your continued support of “Make Mine Chocolate!”

    Best Regards,

    Terri Cook