April 2005

  • What's New On The MMC Website

    Your experience may be like ours. We tell everyone we know that live rabbits are not appropriate Easter gifts. Almost invariably, they are polite but sometimes you see the briefest glimmer of a grin or a smirk. Ah, come on, what's the big deal?

    Yesterday, we were reminded of what the "big deal" is when a white rabbit was rescued by one of our volunteers. Read her story here.

    On a more positive note, the "Make Mine Chocolate!" campaign was a huge success in its first year as a national campaign. Revisit our first year here.

    Thanks to everyone for making our campaign such a success!

  • Welcome to Our New Blog!

    We first transformed the "Make Mine Chocolate!" campaign into a national effort during the 2004-05 Easter season. Working at a national level was new to us and we learned a great deal. One of the lessons learned was our need to keep our supporters and partners better informed of all the activities and events taking place not only by us but by our extended team of individuals and organizations throughout the country.

    For this reason, we decided to create a blog that might serve this purpose. Please send your comments, suggestions, and summaries of what you're doing to us. We'll post them on this blog. Please use the Contact Us link above.

    Thank you for supporting the "Make Mine Chocolate!" campaign.